Set your Windows 10 wireless network priority with Wlan10

Update (23/08/2016): Wlan10 v1.1 is released, with support to forget networks.

Tl;DR; Your solution for ordering your wireless networks in windows 10. Quickly set the priority of your wireless networks the way you want, decide if you want to enable autoswitch and autoconnect. Once finished, you can remove this program.

Switch away from slow networks

You probably have passwords to at least 5 networks stored in your computer. Yet you only frequently connect to 2 of them. And maybe you have 2 networks at home for optimal range, yet windows always try to pick one while ignoring the other.

Before windows 10, you could optimize these cases using the network manager, setting priorities for each network. Windows 10 removed this functionality. While there are many articles on the internet explaining how to set the priority using netsh commands, this is too complex for casual users.

Let’s fix it

Insert Wlan10. This tool will allow you to configure all stored network profiles in a glimpse. Simply drag and drop all networks in the order you’d like, and press the save button. Magic unicorns will do their work with netshell, and your networks will be prioritized as you like. Furthermore, you can choose if windows should auto connect to those networks, and if it’s allowed to switch away from a network. Once the magic is done, you don’t need the tool anymore. (So it’s not required to run it all the time).

Screenshot from wlan10 v1.1
Screenshot from wlan10 v1.1

Download Wlan10 from github

Source on github:

This project uses the gong wpf dragdrop framework:

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